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Welcome to our Podcasts.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.                                                                                                         - Colossians 3:16

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Run the Race.

Speaker - Richard Williams - 31 minutes

Am I the Real Thing?

Speaker - Gary Blundy - 35 minutes

Led by Fear or by Faith

Speaker -John Pang - 25 minutes

Alone & Loneliness

Speaker - John Pang - 24 minutes

John Pang lives in Coventry and is a regular visitor to TLC Church.

God With Us God For Us

Speaker - John Pang - 25 minutes

Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me

Speaker - John Pang - 33 minutes

The Passover Lamb

Speaker - John Pang - 28 minutes

The Passover Lamb

Obedience - not Always Black or White.

Speaker - John Pang - 30 minutes

Abba, Father

Speaker - John Pang - 18 minutes

Putting God First.

Speaker - John Pang - 24 minutes

Andrew Dudfield is Pastor of TLC Church Hinckley

Peace Like a River

Speaker - John Pang - 22 minutes

Elijah, an extraordinarily ordinary man

Speaker - John Pang - 21 minutes


Speaker Andrew Dudfield - 34 minutes

What Does God Want for Me?

Speaker - Andrew Dudfield - 41 Minutes

Famine In Samaria

Speaker - Andrew Dudfield - 44 minutes

Be Filled With the Spirit

Speaker Andrew Dudfield - 31 minutes

Trust in the Cross

Speaker - Andrew Dudfield - 33 minutes

Let Him Who Is Thirsty

Speaker - Andrew Dudfield - 35 minutes

Fruit of the Vineyard

Speaker - Max Keelty - 35 minutes

Max Keelty attends TLC Church Hinckley

God will Provide or Not My Will but Yours Speaker - Max Keelty - 29 minutes

The Unforgiving Servant

Speaker - Andrew Dudfield - 37 minutes

Roger Joel is a regular visitor to TLC Church.

Keeping Your Axe Sharp

Speaker - Roger Joel - 30 minutes

Jesus Loves Me and Delights in Me.

Speaker - Roger Joel - 27 minutes

Pick Up Your Mat

Speaker - Roger Joel - 34 minutes

Benaiahs Lion

Speaker - Roger Joel - 28 minutes

Why Does God Listen?

Speaker - Roger Joel - 32 minutes

Your Strength is In God

Speaker - Roger Joel - 31 minutes

Elisha shows total devotion.

Speaker - John Pang - 22 minutes

Do not let go!

Speaker - John Carter - 29 minutes

Derek Marvin attends TLC Church Hinckley

Be A Sneaky Snake

Be a sneaky snake!

Speaker - Derek Marvin - 27 minutes

Mothering Sunday. Our Mother-like God!

Speaker - Derek Marvin - 21 minutes


Speaker - Derek Marvin - 24 minutes

Ready to Pay the Price?

Speaker - Derek Marvin - 31 minutes

How to Engage in Problems

Speaker - Dan Yarnell - 28 minutes

Are you willing to be Transformed?

Speaker - Derek Marvin - 32 minutes

Dan Yarnell is National Co-ordinator for The Fellowship of Churches of Christ.

John Froggett is Pastor of Rugby Christian Life Centre.

Dont be Content in Your Tent!

Speaker - John Froggett - 33 minutes

Pentecost, the Birthday of the Church.

Speaker - Dan Yarnell - 30 minutes

Richard Williams attends Hope Community Church, Hinckley.

The Great Commission.

Speaker - Richard Williams - 30 minutes

Gary Blundy attends Hinckley Baptist Church.

Its Alright to Change Your Mind.

Speaker - Gary Blundy - 36 minutes

John Carter is from Cheshire and has connections with TLC Church


Speaker - John Carter - 21 minutes


Speaker - Richard Williams - 33 minutes

…So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.    Romans 10:15,16

Chris Maggs

Living in the Truth

Speaker - Chris Maggs - 30 minutes

Transitions, Temptations, Identity.

Speaker Dan Yarnell - 33 minutes

The Cost of Christmas

Speaker Gary Blundy - 32 minutes

Jan Finch attends TLC Church

Jesus is the Vine

Speaker - Jan Finch - 25 minutes