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Bibles for China

A Christian Life Without Gods Word?

The Government in China estimates there are 30 million Christians in China. These figures are widely disputed and many claim there are at least 75 million Christians and probably over 100 million. Two thirds of these are thought to be in house churches.

In 1949, two places were forcefully designated special atheistic zones, the city of Wenzhou and the province of Henan. Today, both are famous for having high proportions of Christians. In Wenzhou, there are 8 million believers. As for Henan, this is still referred to as the ‘Jesus nest’.

The rate of increase may be cooling in places but by 2025 China is expected to have the largest Christian population in the world.

There is a growing emergency among the house churches in China! Although a limited number of Bibles are now permitted to be printed inside China, they are not enough to meet the need.

The revival in China at the moment is burning brightest in remote provinces like Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Gansu and Qinghai. Thousands of people in these regions are coming to Christ daily, and they are among the poorest of the poor in China.

Because of the tremendous growth rate of the church in China (some say 20-30,000 new believers each day, or approximately 7-10 million per year), there is a serious lack of Bibles for China. Millions of Christians are still without God’s Word.

A recent letter from a senior house church leader in Shandong Province.

“Our fellowships have experienced great growth in recent years. One of the side effects of this growth is that we struggle to get enough Bibles to meet the need of the new believers in our fellowships. This is vital so they can grow deeper in their understanding about our Lord Jesus Christ.

We cannot thank you enough for providing Bibles to us in recent years. Our churches are growing stronger in faith and wisdom as well as in number as a direct result of these precious gifts you provide. At this moment, we need 146,238 more Bibles so that each new believer in our fellowships can have their own copy. From  the bottom of our hearts we say thank you and God bless you!”

China Bible Fund

Asia Harvest is partnered with house church networks in China in a long-term goal to print Bibles for the church. These Bibles are distributed to all parts of China, equipping the believers and helping add fuel to the fires of revival that are burning throughout the world’s largest nation.

Each Bible costs $1.80 (about £1.12) to print and deliver. If you would like to donate to this project you can go to Asia Harvest website by clicking on their logo above.

“My heart feels like dancing before the Lord since receiving this Bible and having the opportunity to know more about our Lord and His plan for my life. God bless those that made it possible for me to have a Bible!”